Patients and Families

AHN is a unique clinically integrated network that aims to join private practice physicians along with Tenet Florida hospitals to provide form comprehensive care management that is designed to control costs and improve the quality of healthcare for our patients.

Only physicians committed to working to improve the quality of care offered to our patients can be members of AHN which means that we are able to focus on our patients’ unique care needs.  Additionally, AHN’s hospital partner, Tenet Florida, is dedicated to continuing their strong tradition of providing quality, compassionate health care that puts people first.  It’s affiliated medical and surgical physician specialists offer a variety of specialty services and includes a diverse mix of Board Certified Primary Care and Internal Medicine Physicians with same day appointments available in many of our offices.  Tenet Florida hospitals are uniquely positioned to create this integrated network, taking the next step in putting our patients at the center of everything we do.

Our network’s goal is to assist our physicians in providing higher quality and more efficient care for our patients.